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olive wood products

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This family manufacture started in the year 2000. In the beginning it consisted of manufacturing crosses, crucifixes, and sacral souvenirs (devotionals). In 2005 we began the manufacture of tools and appliances for family and restaurant use, and all sorts of souvenirs and business gifts. Over the years we have especially been devoted to attaining higher quality in final works, such as abrading and polishing, and also to bio protection by olive oil and flax oil. The quality of our products is well recognized on the market.

In early 2020, via the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, we took part at the "Green Week" show in Berlin, Germany. Oliva is a member of Zagreb Olive Institute, and has been participant of Zagreb Olive Festival since its founding in 2015. We are open to all types of cooperation, also to manufacturing articles according to your ideas and orders, with laser engraved logo of your company, at reasonable wholesale prices.

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Since all our products are made from single piece of wood and all are unique a small deviation in dimensions is possible.

It is recommended to coat the products with olive oil once a year which brings back the color and the original shine.

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