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Oliva manufacture grew out of our family heritage, a long tradition of manufacturing unique and authentic souvenirs, and out of love for olive trees and their biblical connection with mankind. The olive twig brought by the dove to Noah's Ark after the flood is a symbol of peace and God's reconciliation with man. The Bible mentions olive trees since the Old Testament prophets, and on to the Olive Mountain where our God and Savior started His Passion and the Way of the Cross for the salvation of the entire world.

In our homeland Croatia there are olive trees dating from those times, two to three thousand years old, in the place called Luno on the island of Pag, where there is the famous eco park called "Gardens of Luna Olive Trees". We have been cooperating with the Park in providing olive wood for various souvenirs and tools we have been making for their touristic needs.

- beginnings -
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As the Luna olive trees have been under the protection of the Croatian Government, we have managed to provide trunks that fell during a large storm some thirty years ago. The hand work on such wood, which is old and very hard as the rocky land it grew from, requires special technology and workmanship. Such old olive trees and wood can still be found only in Croatia, Greece and Israel, so it is not easy to find olive wood since olive trees are always highly valued for their fruits and the curative product such as olive oil, so we truly feel God's hand in providing us with olive tree wood.


The biggest producers of olive wood utensils and sacral souvenirs can be found in Israel, Italy and Tunisia, but those products are made from fast growing olive trees grown on plantations for olive tree wood for such products. Such olive tree wood is much lighter, with les compact structure and monotonous color.

- history -
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Our family manufacture started in 2000., and at the beginning consisted of crucifixes and sacral souvenirs (devotionals). In 2005 we started making useful tools and utensils for homes and restaurants, as well as all sorts of souvenirs and business gifts. Over the years we have been especially devoted to achieving a better quality, especially in handworks, abrading, polishing and protection by olive and flax oil.


The quality of our products is well recognized on the market. In early 2020, via the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, we took part at the "Green Week" show in Berlin, Germany. Oliva is a member of Zagreb Olive Institute, and has been participant of Zagreb Olive Festival since its founding in 2015. We are open to all types of cooperation, also to manufacturing articles according to your ideas and orders, with laser engraved logo of your company, at reasonable prices.

- achievements -
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